Harry’s back!

The first Henrietta Jones had a daughter, and she has grown up to be more extreme and full of the devil than anyone else in Victorian London.

Victorian London, 1895….Henrietta Jones is about to snap! 

Wild and unmanageable, “Harry” runs away to buy a horseless carriage and a pair of red buttoned up boots.

She instantly dislikes an arrogant American, and when she can’t intimidate him, she falls in love with his automobile, needles him, taunts him, flaunts her ice maiden look until he is driven mad, and then plots to straighten his nose. 



Book 2 - the daughter

Book 2 – the Daughter!

Book 1 - Harry saves Paris

Book 1 – Harry Saves Paris







 Henrietta Jones: The boy with the broken nose will be published on 30 November 2018